American Bulldog Towing and Recovery Corp

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Frequently asked questions

How long does it take a tow truck to get to me?

 Can you estimate how long it typically takes?

American Bulldog Towing can have a tow truck on scene within 10 minutes or less sometimes.

What factors may speed up or slow down response?

First and foremost the truck needs to be available, and currently on another tow. Then the distance from the location of the truck to you is the second biggest factor, and the last MAJOR factor is customers need to know where they are! Some customers wont work with us and text us a GPS ping on your cell phone to help locate you and give us locations 20 miles the wrong direction this delaying the tow truck.

What processes has your company put in place to protect customers and employees from COVID-19?

Do to COVID-19 we have had to change a few things including providing our drivers with mask and cases of gloves and hand sanitizer plus disinfectant products to clean our vehicles between calls.

How has COVID-19 affected your business?

Covid-19 has certainly slowed down our business volume with less vehicles on the road but we are still answering the phones 24/7 to assist customers in need.

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