Frequently asked questions

What processes has your company put in place to protect customers and employees from COVID-19?

We tell Customers plan ahead for delivery to dealerships or shops try to schedule services ahead of time. There been times that we get to dealerships or shops and they can’t take your vehicle in with out appointments or they have no space for your vehicle.

How long does it take a tow truck to get to me?

ETA are 45-60 minutes for towing service and roadside service 30-45 minutes  but lately with construction in the areas its been a bit longer on ETA. Also weather and rush hour do come in to play. There times that we will refer another Towing company to help customer. 

How much does it cost to tow a car 10 miles?

On a sample tow that has keys and shifts out of park. $150 car & $175 SUV during the day. Nights and weekends are different. You can always call to get estimate on service.

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