What is a rollback tow truck?

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The company I called said they were going to send out a Rollback truck. I am just wondering how it is different from a normal tow truck?


We use rollbacks (or flatbeds) to move cars, small equipment, and just about anything else that fits on or behind these trucks. 


Some vehicles require a rollback (flat bed) because they cannot be towed safely by only lifting the front tires.  Mercedes, BMW, etc require a rollback and can be damaged if towed incorrectly.


Rollback is medium size truck that as a bed that rolls back to the (ground) street level. When you see it looks like a big ramp it also has a winch that pulls up vehicle on to bed. Then driver secure your vehicle on truck for safe (delivery) transport. Some cars or SUV that are AWD (All-wheel drive) must be towed this way to avoid transmission damage. 

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