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What is roadside assistance?


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Roadside assistance, also known as breakdown cover, is a service designed to help you get going again if your vehicle breaks down.

When you call for help, your service provider will usually try to solve your problem over the phone.

If they can’t, they’ll send either a roadside contractor to mobilize your vehicle or a truck to tow it to the nearest motor mechanic (within service limits).    

The most common roadside-assistance services include jumpstarts, battery replacements, breakdown tows, tire changes, emergency fuel, and key recovery.

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 Roadside assistance is a service provided by various organizations, typically automobile clubs, insurance companies, or car manufacturers, aimed at helping motorists when they encounter issues while driving. It usually covers common problems such as flat tires, dead batteries, lockouts, and mechanical breakdowns.When a driver experiences a problem on the road, they can call the roadside assistance provider, who dispatches a service vehicle to their location to provide assistance. The services offered may include jump-starting a dead battery, changing a flat tire, delivering fuel if the vehicle runs out, towing the vehicle to a nearby repair facility, or providing minor repairs to enable the vehicle to continue operating. 


What is Roadside Assistance?  Roadside Assistance covers a bundle of individual services that qualified roadside assistance technicians provide to assist stranded motorists. These services are provided in hopes of getting the motorist back on the road. Roadside Assistance does not include towing. Although towing is synonymous with roadside assistance, towing is a whole separate service individually provided by tow truck operators who can tow your vehicle after a roadside service provider attempted to fix the issue but was not able to fix it for whatever reason.Simply put, a roadside assistance technician does not need to operate a tow truck to go assist you with any of the four most needed roadside assistance services. The technician can arrive in a small vehicle or a large one, but it does not need to be a tow truck. With that said, if you need your vehicle towed for whatever reason whether it runs or not, then you need towing and not Roadside Assistance.That's why insurance companies will sell you roadside assistance with a towing package as additional coverage and they'll say that they'll only cover five, ten, fifty or one hundred miles of towing then you'll pay the excess miles out of pocket depending on your coverage. Some might even only cover towing your vehicle to the nearest auto repair facility.The four most common services provide by roadside assistance professionals are:1. Flat Tire Service = Tire Change / Tire Repair / Add Air       Flat Tire Change = Install Your Spare Tire.       Flat Tire Repair = Repair Small Punctures with Insert Plugs. (Not Offered by Most Providers)       Add Air to Tires = Specially when going from hot to cold weather.2. Car Battery Jump Start = When a car battery is low on voltage a jump start is necessary to get the car running. This could be due to leaving a light on for a prolonged period of time or because either the battery or the alternator is going bad.3. Car Key Unlocking = Unlock A Vehicle with the Keys Locked Inside.4. Car Fuel Delivery = Someone ran out of gasoline, or they know for a fact that they'll need more so they ordered Gasoline or Diesel Delivery. Although the name Roadside Assistance or Road Service might imply that it's a service you obtain while on the road, a large number of roadside assistance providers respond daily to motorists' homes', place of employment or other locations to provide roadside assistance. If you need help with any car service to include the ones mentioned above, your vehicle does not need to be on a road, but you do need to ask the person on the phone if they offer the service that you need because they might dispatch a driver to you then you find out that they don't offer that service.If you need Roadside Assistance in the Austin TX area you can call us! You'll be glad you'd did!

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