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Can you negotiate the price of getting a tow?


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Of course you can try to negotiate, and you should, worse that can happen we say no :) Thank you. Need tow call 267-230-3637


We always try to offer the best and beat our competitors. Good price and good service are always appreciated. Please Call Reliable Towing & Wrecker Service 214-603-4158


I can honestly say yes you can negotiate the price for the two but most customer's do not take the following consideration and have the that's not my concern mentality or that's not my problem mentality. Tow trucks use a lot of fuel to operate most only get 7 to 10 miles per gallonTow trucks take a lot of maintenance such as repairs, tune ups, oil changes and other basic maintenances to keep the truck operational  Labor/Time it takes to drive to the customer then to load the vehicle and to drive the the vehicle to the destination We also have to pay the driver, taxes and other expenses 


In most cases, the price of a tow is determined by the tow truck company and is typically based on a set fee schedule. The fee schedule can vary depending on a number of factors such as distance, type of vehicle, and type of service required.

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