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How much does it cost to tow a car about 25 miles?

Is there a price per mile or flat rate for a tow?

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Tows typically have a "hook rate" and a mileage rate.  Each tow company varies on the rates they will charge.  Additional charges may apply if the vehicle is in a ditch, or inoperable, or otherwise more difficult to load or transport.


Local standard 25 miles tow could cost somewhere between $120-$180. Thank you Need tow call 267-230-3637


This is a very vague question at best. It depends where the vehicle is located and how far it is from our location. If you are in our area and in need of a 25 mile tow it would normally cost $157.75 before taxes.


Everyone has a different price and it all depends on what is wrong with your vehicle but normally if it’s a regular mechanical break down you looking at $99 for us to show up also known as hook up plus $5 per mile. Total would be $224

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