Long Distance Towing

We make your life easier by providing the below list of 6 long-distance towing companies. These auto transport companies provide a way to save money when transporting a vehicle over 200 miles. They work nationwide and can accommodate tows from nearly any location in the United States.

Price Quotes & Estimates
Price quotes are often available instantly 24 hours a day. Price quotes are available without sharing much personal information. You can get prices through their website or calling the company, which their direct phone number is listed. If you do share private information with these long-distance towing services expect several sales emails.
Car Transport.com reports that it takes an average of 3 days to pick up the vehicle and 4 days to deliver. The average cost is 61 cents per mile for an average distance of 1,647 miles.
Local vs. Long Distance Towing
Local towing companies are willing to travel many miles, but because their trucks usually only handle one vehicle at a time, they will need to charge much higher per-mile rates.

Long-distance vehicle transport companies require more time for pickup and delivery but provide a cheaper way to move a vehicle long distances.

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