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How much do tow trucks charge?


How much do tow trucks charge?

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Charges are based on the following criteria at our company:

1. What type/size of tow truck is needed to complete the task

2. The length of time it takes to complete the task (most cases are charged hourly with a one hour minimum for recovery)

3. The distance traveled to and from the job, or round trip mileage from leaving the office to returning to the office. 


Charges for towing and recovery services have many variables. The type of vehicle, value of the vehicle, distance towed, damage to the vehicle, difficulty level of the recovery, state or city regulated tows etc. I suggest asking for a quote by providing accurate information of the vehicle, problem with the vehicle, location of pick up and destination, and how quickly you need service. Make sure the towing company you choose has trained drivers that are covered by workers comp, and adequate cargo/ on hook insurance coverage, and use well maintained equipment. Remember, the lowest price may cost you a fortune!


Great Question!  Towing vehicles can be tricky.  Most of the time the easiest way to figure a bill is by charging to connect the vehicle to our truck and then charging for each mile of the tow.  Sometimes in longer distance situations we will charge for the truck to travel to your or return to our base unloaded.  We worked our hardest to keep costs low, so contacting us directly is the best way to get pricing!

Standard tow rate is $80 hook up + $4 per mile. Please call for exact quote because every tow can be different. Thank you. 

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