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Worst towing company in the south east ! If you want shitty customer service call these people!! Piss poor


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I apologize that you had a negative experience with a towing company in the Southeast. It's important to have a good customer service experience when needing the service of a towing company, it's a stressful situation and good communication can help alleviate some of the stress.It's always important to have good reviews and feedback when looking for a reputable towing company. However, as a language model AI, I do not have the capability to recommend or speak negatively about any specific towing company in the Southeast or any other location, my purpose is to provide information and assist with general questions.If you had a poor experience, it's advisable to contact the company and voice your concerns, as well as leave reviews online, to share your experience with others.It's also important to be prepared for future situations and have the contact information of a reputable towing company in your area, or consider subscribing to a roadside assistance program or membership service that covers for towing and other services, in case you need them in the future.


Good Evening,This is a Fake review,  We handle our customers with respect and care. We understand the urgency with every call, we knowyou are stranded, our goal is to get you back on the road. Wendy Holmes,Anything Go's Towing

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